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Benny Hall Wildlife Area - Panora                                             220-acre area lies adjacent to existing public land and creates a 517-acre wildlife habitat complex.  The area’s primary use is a wildlife habitat for game and non-game species with hunting, fishing, birdwatching, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking available to the public. 

Monteith Wildlife Area - Guthrie Center
240 acres located 3.5 miles south and one mile east of Guthrie Center.  The Monteith Wildlife Area is a public hunting area with excellent habitat for upland game species, whitetail deer, and wild turkey.

S.E. Robinson Area  - Panora
110-acre wildlife area located along the Middle Raccoon river 5.5 miles southeast of Panora.  The wildlife area is primarily used for public hunting with excellent habitat for deer, turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, pheasants, and quail. 

Seely Creek Timber - Guthrie Center
187 acres of timber for public hunting (the area is land-locked, permission needed to access). 1 mile south of Highway 44, east of Guthrie Center (6 miles).

Jamaica Trail Spur  - Jamaica
43 acres of the abandoned Milwaukee Railroad from Herndon, Iowa, to the Guthrie/Dallas county line.  The area is primarily used for public hunting with excellent upland bird habitat. 

Bays Branch Wildlife Area - Panora
990 acre state wildlife area for public hunting. 2 miles east of Highway 4, north of Panora (2 miles).

Elk Grove Wildlife Area - Coon Rapids
1,600 acre public wildlife area consisting mostly of timber, public hunting is allowed. Northwest of Guthrie Center.

Springbrook State Park - Guthrie Center (Hwy 25)
Hunting is allowed, in season, on certain portions of the northeast and southwest area of Springbrook as posted. 

Lakin Slough - Yale
Just East of Yale on Highway F25. State owned wildlife area has 345 acres and is used primarily by waterfowl hunters.

Marlowe Ray Wildlife Area - Panora
State wildlife area of 187 acres for public hunting; adjoins S.E. Robinson Area. 6 miles south of Panora on the Middle Raccoon River.
McCord Pond - Bayard
112 acres of wetland for public hunting. 2 miles southwest of Bayard.



Iowa Droptine Outfitters- Guthrie Center
2553 180th St  |  phone 641.524.5211

Iowa Trophy Hunting - Guthrie Center
2462 160th Rd  |  phone 641.747.2422

Lone Wolf Lodge - Linden
3396 268th St |  phone 641.757.2116

Quills, Inc. - Guthrie Center
2786 Oak Ave | phone 800.524.5389

Windance Outfitters - Adair
2922 Dogwood Ave  | phone 641.742.3740

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